Start a Report (Our reporters)

Give a title to your report.

Describe the specific situation you are reporting or you want to address. This will become a headline that can tell the story of your report in an instant.

Report Description

Describe the situation or problem you want to reveal to the mass community.

Add a photo or video

Reports with a photo or video receive 6x more views.


How to write a great headline

Keep it short and to the point

Example: "Buy organic, free-range eggs for your restaurants" Not: "Stop the inhumane treatment of chickens in battery farms that are force-fed..."

Focus on the issue

Example : “Roads are not build in the village area, this is affecting trade movements”

How to inspire your readers

Describe the people involved and the problem they are facing

Readers are most likely to take action when they understand who is affected.

Describe the solution

Explain what needs to happen and who can make the change.

Respect others

Don't bully, use hate speech, threaten violence or make things up.

Tips for adding a photo or video

Choose a photo that captures the emotion of your petition

Photos of people or animals work well.

Try to upload photos that are 1600 x 900 pixels or larger

Large photos look good on all screen sizes.

Keep it friendly for all audiences

Make sure your photo doesn't include graphic violence or sexual content.

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